IPB E-Sport Community Wins Wall Street English X UniPin Community MLBB Offline Tournament 2022

Feb 4, 2022
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Good news has come from the Mobile Legends team of the IPB E-Sport Community. The IPB University team made another achievement in the Wall Street English X UniPin Community MLBB Offline Tournament, (29/1). More than 16 teams from all over Jabodetabek participated in this competition.

The IPB University team was chaired by Sholahudin Aditya Al Ayyubi (Faculty of Human Ecology) along with his talented team members. They are Humam Daffa Muhammad (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), Muhammad Bunayya Hanif Shulhan (Business School), Yoga Prima Dwi Prasetyo (Faculty of Agricultural Technology), and Muhammad Ilham Febrian Lontaan (Vocational School). Sholahudin and his team successfully won the Grand Final match against a team from UPN Spetnaz OLD with a final score of 2-0.

“Thanks to the efforts of the team who played, today we managed to get a victory. We will also be supportive, so that our targets this year can be achieved, especially in achievements at national and international levels,” explained Ridho as Founder of IPB E-Sport,

Meanwhile, Sholahudin Aditya said he was grateful for the achievements of his team. He also appreciated the support given by supporters. “There is still a long way to go, there is still much to be achieved. Of course, in every competition, our target is always to win and today being able to achieve that, we are particularly grateful,” said Sholahudin Aditya Al Ayyubi.

In this competition, IPB E-Sport Community sent two teams to take part in the Wall Street English X UniPin Community MLBB Offline Tournament. The second team, namely IPB Helium, fell in their match against UPN Spetnaz OLD which managed to qualify for the final match.

The second team was led by Herdika Shidqi Wibowo (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) consisted of Aldani Putra M (Faculty of Agriculture), Muhammad Al Hafiz (Faculty of Forestry and Environment), Bagas Lizhar Cahya Permana (Vocational School), and Kukuh Rio Permana Aji (Faculty of Forestry and Environment). The IPB Helium team must acknowledge the toughness of their opponent in the Lower Bracket match against UPN Spetnaz OLD. “This defeat will certainly be a lesson for our team. We will continue to strive to be better in the next tournament”, said IPB Helium Team Leader, Herdika Shidqi Wibowo.

“I congratulate the IPB Esports team for making achievements and becoming the pride of IPB University, especially in the field of E-Sports, and we hope this achievement can be a motivation for students to continue to excel in the fields they are interested in,” said Dr. Beginer Subhan, Assistant Director of Character Building, Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development of IPB University. IPB E-Sport will also continue to improve the quality of its community so that it can contribute to proving achievements both at the national and international levels.

“We congratulate and hope that we will continue to be consistent in achieving through e-sports because we believe IPB University students have the potential of being able to make many achievements,” said Dr. Alim Setiawan Slamet, Director of Student Affairs and Career Development of IPB University. (*) (IAAS/SNI)

Source: https://ipb.ac.id/news/index/2022/02/ipb-e-sport-community-raih-juara-wall-street-english-x-unipin-community-mlbb-offline-tournament-2022/292467cc95f4edf9f37d39498dd81e4d

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