Elevate Your Business Writing Skills

May 19, 2022
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A formal voice and a rigorous framework are used in business writing. It’s a fact, it’s concise and it’s direct. It spreads through business periodicals, official emails, website material, and other written words intended for business owners, operators, and managers to read. Business writing itself can be categorized into four types, which are:

1. Instructional Business Writing
Instructional business writing gives the reader the information about the task that they need to execute, whether it’s now or later. This style of text breaks down the task into sequential steps that the reader can follow.
User manuals, specs, and memos are examples of instructional writing. Technical writing, which is closely related to business writing, encompasses many instructional papers.

2. Informational Business Writing 
Informational business writing is concerned with accurate and consistent business data. This style of writing does not always need the reader to take action, but it is necessary for keeping them informed about the business’s main functions. Report writing accounts for the majority of informational writing, as it is used to document completed work, record incidents, complete projects, and serve as an archive. Quarterly financial reports and meeting minutes are further examples of this style of writing.

3. Persuasive Business Writing
Persuasive business writing aims to convey information and to convince readers that the presented information offers the best value for them. The text is written to give a great impression to the reader, which is important to increase sales and increase relationships with clients. When writing persuasive content, focus less on the business but focus more on what the reader wants and problems they are trying to solve.

4. Transactional Business Writing
Transactional business writing consists of day-to-day communication at the workplace. This type of writing is used to convey good and bad news, often related to human resource processes. Usually, transactional writing is done by email, but sometimes it also includes official letters, forms and invoices. Another example of this type of writing is a dismissal notice, which provides necessary context and details for termination.

Writing may not be easy for everyone since it has many different purposes. Here are a few ways to make our writing stand out from the other:

1. Know Your Audience
To communicate effectively, you have to know your readers. By knowing your readers, it’ll be easier for you to send a message effectively.

2. Know Your Message
Before you start writing, find out what you’re trying to achieve. Do you just want to share information? Do you want to inspire your readers to act? Most importantly, what is your key message in your writing?

3. Keep It Tight
Don’t write things too long. Short sentences, short paragraphs, and short documents have a better chance of capturing readers’ attention.

4. Make Your Writing Plain and Simple
People want to make reading an easy activity for them. That’s why they often skim documents for key information before deciding to read the whole thing.

5. Proofread
Ask other people to proofread your writing before you print them or by hitting the “send” button. While checking your writing, reading documents aloud can help to catch missing words.

By reading this, you can get the idea of how to make an effective business writing. You can also learn more on how to make great business writing by joining our Pro-Skills Trial Class, so you can get a better picture of it. Improve your business writing skills and be ready to #NaikLevel!

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