Arti dari “Literally”: Contoh Kalimat, dan Cara Penggunaannya

Jan 18, 2021
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Literally merupakan salah satu kata Bahasa Inggris yang paling sering digunakan dalam sebuah percakapan khususnya percakapan campur-campur antara Bahasa Inggris dan Indonesia.

Saking seringnya digunakan dalam percakapan sebagai penekanan, literally dianggap menjadi salah satu kosakata wajib anak Jakarta Selatan.

Tapi, sebelum kamu pakai kosakata ini, kamu harus tahu dulu apa sebenarnya arti dari literally dan bagaimana penggunaannya yang tepat. Jangan sampai kamu salah menggunakan yang berakibat batal jadi anak gaul nan smart.

Arti “Literally

Dilansir dari Merriam Webster, literally memiliki beberapa makna yang bisa digunakan dalam kalimat, di antaranya adalah:

  • Bermakna secara harfiah di mana memiliki sinonim exactly yang memiliki arti “secara tepat”. Contoh: She meant it as a joke, but they took it literally.
  • Kedua, literally digunakan untuk memberi penekanan pada statement yang benar adanya dan akurat meskipun mungkin terdengar mengejutkan. Kata ini bersinonim dengan “actually” atau “really” yang memiliki arti “benar-benar”. Contoh: There were literally thousands of people.
  • Ketiga, memiliki makna informal atau memberikan informasi. Digunakan untuk memberi penekanan pada pernyataan atau deskripsi yang tidak benar atau mungkin secara harfiah. Contoh: I saw him in the store. He was literally drooling over a fancy mobile phone.

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Contoh Kalimat

Untuk lebih jelasnya, mari cek contoh kalimatnya dengan menggunakan kata “literally“.

  • Well, not literally, but close.
  • The term “philosophy” literally means “the love of wisdom”.
  • He was literally skin and bone.
  • They literally stole my heart with their amazing personalities.
  • She’d never thought he meant she’d literally help revive the planet.
  • By blow up, do you mean literally or figuratively?
  • Seconds literally ticked away on the old grandfather clock in the next room.
  • She was literally at the end of her rope, so flight into the woods was unwise.
  • A mouse she could handle – literally, but a snake was something different.
  • Would you believe it, I have literally not a penny and don’t know how to equip Boris.
  • They slept together — literally, and he never offered to do anything else.
  • Grasso lifted Molly by her waistband with one hand and literally tossed her into the van before slamming it shut.
  • The Latin comes meant literally as a companion or follower.
  • Once before he had felt that way about a woman and she had literally left him waiting at the altar while she ran off with another man.
  • The forests literally swarm with insects of all kinds, from cicadae to beautiful butterflies, and from stickand leaf-insects to endless.

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  • A great proportion of architectural ornaments are literally hollow, and a September gale would strip them off, like borrowed plumes, without injury to the substantials.
  • Food in the United States is so inexpensive as a percentage of national income that it literally is a throwaway item.
  • Instead, they literally forced her to wed Jerome Shipton, a widowed family friend twelve years her senior.
  • It’s not like you and me who remember our parents; he literally just met his mother for the first time!
  • Whether he meant she looked good or literally cool was unclear, but his smile was definitely supportive.
  • It is probably true to say that no one has ever set himself so seriously to imitate the life of Christ and to carry out so literally Christ’s work in Christ’s own way.
  • To speak literally, a hundred Irishmen, with Yankee overseers, came from Cambridge every day to get out the ice.
  • He first asserted his power by literally throwing to the dogs the last of his boyar tyrants, and shortly afterward announced his intention of assuming the title of tsar, a title which his father and grandfather had coveted but never dared to assume publicly.

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Itu dia penggunaan yang tepat dalam kata literally dalam Bahasa Inggris. Ingat, teliti dahulu makna yang ingin kamu sampaikan sebelum menggunakan literally dalam kalimat.

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Dibimbing oleh para native trainers yang berpengalaman, proses belajar akan lebih mudah dan menyenangkan.

Kamu bisa memulai juga dengan mengetahui level Bahasa Inggris kamu. Yuk, isi kuis di bawah ini agar tahu tingkat kemampuan Bahasa Inggris kamu!

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