Enhance Your English Skills Through Reading

Mar 25, 2022
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Reading is a very active process. When you read a text, your brain simultaneously does many other activities, from imagining a scene in your head to agreeing-disagreeing with the writer. The most important part? Your brain needs to understand clearly what the writer is trying to say. 

When you learn English, especially for academic examinations like the IELTS Test, improving your reading skill is one of the key secrets for an excellent score. People who read have a much broader vocabulary and often sound more intelligent.

Your brain is like a sponge. When you read, you absorb lots of information. Here are some ways reading can help you improve your English skills:

  1. Improve your vocabulary: Learning new vocabulary through spoken conversation can be challenging. Speakers sometimes also use incorrect words in verbal communication. However in an article, as each word is carefully selected by the author, this will give you access to a more selected & vibrant vocabulary.
  2. Our brain remembers more when it sees things: The brain stores information in different places. Information that you hear is stored in a temporary place, but visual information is stored in a spot that is more permanent and easier for your brain to access.
  3. Learn English in “chunks”: English is full of collocations, idioms, and slang expressions. Reading allows you to see and experience how these words can be used in the correct context and paired together. Seeing how the words are used in different ways correctly over and over again, will help you get a better understanding of them. You will develop what sounds right or wrong.
  4. Full-immersion: Reading can show you how to use certain words and the situations where they can be used. Consequently, reading can help you understand the nuances of tone and formality. You will also get to learn the culture that goes together with it. That’s why reading is an immersive experience.
  5. Easier logistics: You can read anytime and anywhere! Especially with the advancement of technology, you can have access to hundreds of books on your smartphone or tablet.

Reading regularly will help to improve your English skills. It will help expand your vocabulary and show you the proper grammatical structures. Read what interests you. You can read English newspapers, magazines, books, or even poetry. If you choose the perfect topics for you, reading can be entertaining and enjoyable.

Once you have managed to level up your English skills, you will be ready to take the IELTS test and #NaikLevel!

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