Acquiring ways on how to overcome problems in the IELTS Listening Section

Apr 28, 2022
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The listening section in the IELTS test may feel like fresh air compared to other sections. However, it’s always better to do some practice tests before you take the real one. Let’s identify some of the common problems in the IELTS listening section.

  1. Fail to understand the speaker’s accent
    • The Listening section makes use of a variety of voices and a range of native-speaker accents, including North American, British, Australian and New Zealand. IELTS has been known to use only neutral English accents. So, one way to get better in comprehending standard native-speaker accents is by regularly listening to content produced in countries like the UK, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. You can watch videos on YouTube, watch movies on Netflix, or from any other platform that you like most.
  2. Unable to keep up with the recordings
    • In the listening section of the IELTS test, the speech will get faster. Sometimes people are caught off guard, so they will lose their way and miss out on answering an entire set of questions. To give yourself the best chance to keep pace with the speakers, you can read all the questions first before the recording begins. That way, you can listen actively instead of having to do two things at the same time.
  3. Dealing with unfamiliar vocabulary
    • Even if you pick up every word on the recording, not knowing the meaning of key vocabulary can stop you from finding the correct answers. Whilst it won’t be possible or necessary for you to know all the words you hear, expanding your vocabulary would certainly help improve your performance. You’re likely to come across particular types of vocabulary groups in each part of IELTS Listening section.
  4. Lapse in concentration
    • Your listening comprehension can be exceptional, but a lapse in concentration can cost you dearly. It is not uncommon for test takers to be distracted when they’re in the middle of the test, letting their attention wander as a result. When you’re loaded with so much information over half an hour, being able to keep your concentration is also something that demands practice.

By knowing the common problems that you may face during the IELTS test, you can prepare yourself more to tackle those possible problems. Make sure you don’t ignore the simplest things because it may cost you later.

Once you’ve identified the problems, reflect on your skill and ability. Then practice more to nail the test and be ready to #NaikLevel!

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